Session #10
Hunting Lewis
  • Tristan left
  • Quick Ben left
  • Krulian entered

Sar, 21 Olarune 998
The party spoke with the dragon who was following them, but she was shy and didn’t give them any information. They met the Featherblade tribe, where a young halfling named Dunvar said that the raiders were her friends. Lewis had tried to recruit her as well, but she had refused to go with her friends. Dunvar told the party that Lewis had escaped from a Karrnathi prison The party also spoke with the raiders’ parents, who wanted to go to Ashinana’s Oasis with the party after they found Lewis. The Featherblade tribe gave each party member a bracelet to mark them as friends of the tribe.

Mol, 23 Olarune 998
The party visited the Blue Moon tribe, where they fought off a drunken Karrnathi who attacked the tribe.

Session #09
Cynidacian Mob

Zor, 19 Olarune 998
While discussing their next move, the party was swarmed by Cynidacians who were determined to destroy the invaders from the Above. After a long battle, they beat back the horde and fled. On the way out, they were accosted by a small cult of the light who wanted to go with the party to the Above. The party took the light cult with them. Later, Vav managed to get in touch with Stein, who took the Cynidacians to Freeform. The party retrieved their horses from the graveyard, and promised the Guardian that they would return when they could.

Far, 20 Olarune 998
While searching for Lewis, the party realized that they were being stalked by a wyrmling brass dragon.

Session #08
Dragon Graveyard and Cynidacians
  • Aust out
  • Rashed in

Zol, 17 Olarune 998
The party went to the village to shop for gear, Aust left, and Rashed showed up and joined the party. After shopping, they decided to go looking around the area for Cynidacian ruins.

Wir, 18 Olarune 998
The party found a dragon graveyard. Most of the remains seemed to be from green dragons. A voice claiming to be the Guardian of the graveyard issued from a large skull and asked them questions about their travels. They got along with the Guardian, and the Guardian told the party that she occasionally sees people appear and disappear from a patch of brush. The party spent the night on the edge of the graveyard, and Rashed traded stories with the Guardian during his watch.

Zor, 19 Olarune 998
The guardian tried to convince the party to stay and keep her company. The party wanted to check for hidden passages, but they left their horses by the graveyard and promised to come back to share more stories with the Guardian. They examined the patch of brush, and discovered a large hole. They entered the hole and discovered that it was an opening in the top of a cavern, directly over an underground lake. The cavern had a hallway on the opposite end, and the party discovered a secret passage under the lake. They decided to explore the hallway.

At the end of the hallway there were large, locked doors. The party knocked on the doors, and eventually the doors opened to reveal guards who attacked the party. The party defeated the guards, then retreated down the hallway to plan their next actions.

Session #07
Defeating Halfling Raiders

Far, 13 Olarune 998
The party returned to Ashinana’s oasis. In her courtroom, they met Ielephinna, an elf woman who seemed to be Ashinana’s new best friend, and Aun, a human man who appeared to be courting Ashinana. Aun had some servants present as well. The party explained the halfling raiders’ demands, and proposed setting up trade with the tribes in an attempt to promote peace. After conferring with Ielephinna, Ashinana agreed that this would be a good idea.

Sar, 14 Olarune 998 – Mol, 16 Olarune 998
The party went looking for nearby tribes, and encountered the Dunedancer tribe, which expressed interest in a trade arrangement with Ashinana. The Dunedancer tribe gave the party a bit of weaving that would mark them as a friend of the tribe to aid in future dealings.

Sul, 17 Olarune 998
The party found and captured the raiders. The four of them are from the Featherblade tribe, but they were recruited by Lewis, who is from a different tribe. They don’t know what tribe Lewis is from, nor where he is now. The party brought the raiders back to Ashinana, who imprisoned them.

Session #06
Talenta Encounter
  • Elorin enters

Far, 27 Zarantyr 998
On the way to Vulyar, the PC’s stumbled upon a halfling camp. After the party reassures the halflings that they aren’t going to hurt them, the halflings explain that they are on the run from anti-halfling gangs near the Karrnath-Talenta border. There are are also rumors that Karrnath is considering outlawing dinosaurs in major cities. One of these halflings was Elorin.

Sul, 1 Olarune 998
On the way to Vulyar, an elf approached Aust while he was on watch. The elf asked “Hello, Brother. Are you with us?” Aust answered, “No.”

Wir, 4 Olarune 998
The party arrived at Vulyar, and decided to ride to Ashinana’s oasis.

Zor, 12 Olarune 998
The party arrived at Ashinana’s Oasis, where the guards told them about halfling raids. Vav decided to research Ashinana’s family’s previous conflicts with local tribes.
Vav discovered that:

  • There used to be a halfling tribe in this area, but it died out shortly after the Cyrans arrived.
  • The Cyrans who settled this area had some intense conflicts with other tribes, since it is likely that the Cyrans caused the extermination of the tribe.
  • After a few decades, Ashinana’s ancestors made peace with the local tribes, and there haven’t been any major conflicts since then.

The party tracked down the halfling raiders, who gave them one week to convince Ashinana to stop taking Karrnathi visitors or the raids would start again.

Session #05
Defamation of Rosemary

Zor, 19 Zarantyr 998 – Sul, 22 Zarantyr 998
The party decided to stay in Korth, with Quick Ben and Tristan remaining hidden. Vav disguised himself as Rosemary and made a point to be seen at disreputable locations, and did some very obvious shoplifting. Thamilil recognized “Rosemary” at a drug den. Rosemary insisted that she was home when these events occurred, so she got a guard to stay with her. When the party sent a message asking to meet for blackmail terms, the guard tried to arrest them, but they escaped again.

Sul, 22 Zarantyr 998 – Far, 27 Zarantyr 998
The party rode toward Vulyar. On the way, while Aust was on watch with Zot keeping him company, he was approached by Stein, a changeling from Freeform. Stein recognized Zot, assumed that Aust was Vav, and warned him that Karrnathi nationalists were gaining power, and there was a growing xenophobia in Karrnath, particularly against the “little ones.”

Session #04
Meeting Rosemary

Wir, 18 Zarantyr 998
The party followed some suspicious elves to an inn. They overheard one of the names – Qillana. When they arrived at the inn, the elves were gone. In their room, they found a scorched piece of paper. The only legible words were “Korth,” “Kaius,” and “Valenar.”

Later, the party visited an apothecary named Rosemary. Zot, Vav’s weasel, smelled Thundering Rage in Rosemary’s shop. That night, the party broke into Rosemary’s shop, terrorized Rosemary, and were seen by the guards, but escaped. They are now wanted for burglary and attempted murder.

Session #03
Confronting Laurinth

Zol, 17 Zarantyr 998
The party followed Laurinth to his home, where they drugged him and appeared in his costumes to make him think he was having a nightmare. They found out from him that he was working for Rosemary.

Session #02
Eirik in Korth

Zor, 5 Zarantyr 998 – Sul, 15 Zarantyr 998
The party rode to Korth

Mol, 16 Zarantyr 998
The party asks around and hears about suspicious goings on at the Flask & Flagon, a tavern near the Adamant Fang headquarters. They spend some time there, and Sergeant Eirik of the Adamant Fang rushes in and begins attacking everyone in sight. The party knocks him out, and discovers an empty flask on his person with a note that reads, “Try this. It’ll give you pep. – Laurinth.” Locals inform the party that Eirik is usually slow to anger.

Session #01
Masque of Dreams
  • Vav enters

Sul, 1 Zarantyr 998
The party met at a masquerade ball at Ashinana’s Oasis, roughly 75 miles south of the Karrnathi border and north of Gatherhold. Once there, they see the Cynidacians, albino humans who have lived underground for centuries. A crew hired by Ashinana just found their city nearby. Ashinana and most of the guests are affected by the Elixir of Dreams, which causes hallucinations and delusions. The most docile guests, including Ashinana, are herded onto a wagon. The party members are the only ones not affected, so they gather to try to save the others. Before leaving, they discover a Cynidacian priestess locked in the well room. She tells them that the guests were drugged by followers of the Blood of Vol so that they could be taken to be sacrificed. The party takes the priestess and follows the wagon.

Sul, 1 Zarantyr 998 – Wir, 4 Zarantyr 998
The party followed the wagon. The Cynidacians had left fresh horses at several stops along the way, and the party took these horses to speed their progress. However, the horses were tired when the party found them, so they couldn’t catch the wagon until it arrived at its destination.

Wir, 4 Zarantyr 998
When the party caught up with the wagon, it had arrived at a half-buried pyramid, and the passengers had been unloaded. A single Cynidacian was guarding the entrance. The party quickly overpowered the guard, and left him with the priestess. They entered the pyramid and found a massive sacrifice in progress. They defeated the Cynidacians, and the Neheshru, the priest leading the sacrifice, mentions experimental drugs in Vedykar and Korth. The party emerges to find the priestess dead and the guard gone.


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