Session #20

Sul, 22 Eyre, 998

  • The halfling shaman was cursed again. He found someone else to cure him, and gave his magic cloak and his follower’s magic dagger as payment. His followers still have a magic ring and a magic buckler.
  • The party searched one another’s rooms for cursed items. They found nothing.
  • Glim and Vav got drunk enough to pass out.
  • A human noble and four thugs broke into the Bloody Bull. In the ensuing combat, two thugs were killed, the noble escaped, and the other two thugs escaped with Mebsa as a hostage. Elorin got a piece of the noblewoman’s clothing, and saw which building the thug with Mebsa ducked into.
Session #19

Zol, 10 Eyre 998

  • Accepted Aleron’s (Blood of Vol) offer, Glim refused to go.
  • Visited the Dunedancers on the way, told not to come back.
  • One of Aleron’s bodyguards mentioned a distrust for gnomes.
  • Back to Korth.
Session #18

Mol, 9 Eyre 998

  • Krulian led the party to a druid he knew (Faida), who reincarnated the cat who had been involved with the poisonings at the Bloody Bull. The plan was to follow the familiar to its master.
  • The cat was reincarnated as an eagle, who led the party into a trap. Faida and some mooks came in to kill the party, but the party killed them instead.

Druid loot:

  • signet ring – symbol seemed Valenarish
  • note “F – resurrect S’s cat, tell it to lead them to the secret cave. – L”
Session #17
Dealing with the Bloody Bull

- Rashed out

Sul, 8 Eyre 998
The party spent spent some time in the Bloody Bull discussing the rumors of planned attacks by local nobility. While they were there, someone tried to steal the “All Are Welcome” sign. The thief convinced Elorin that the sign violated a signage ordinance, so Merrill decided to paint “All Are Welcome” directly on the outer wall. They also saw Shaben at the Bull again.

Mol, 9 Eyre 998
Vav woke up ill with slimy doom and suffered 1 point of CON drain before Elorin cured him. Later, Vav and several other patrons at the Bloody Bull fell ill. The party discovered an invisible cat in the kitchen and decided that it was probably someone’s familiar. Suspecting that it was Shaben’s familiar, they made a show of killing it in front of him. He protested the wanton killing of animals, but otherwise did not flinch. Later, he succumbed to the poison in the Bull’s food.

Rashed’s brother informed him that his father had been badly injured in battle, and wanted his family to come home to him. He also learned that his father had married Quillanna’s sister three years ago, and passed this information to the party before leaving.

Session #16
The Bloody Bull

Sar, 7 Eyre 998
The party realized that, other than Elorin, every halfling they have encountered since arriving in Korth has had something bad happen to them. Suspecting that they were being followed, the party made a big show of going to the Bloody Bull (the human-owned tavern with a halfling cook and bard) while Elorin watched in eagle form. He noticed someone following them, but that person actually approached them when they arrived at the Bull. It turned out to be a member of the Blood of Vol who wanted to commission the party to escort him and a few of his compatriots to the Cynidacian village.
At the Bloody Bull, the party met the owner (Merrill, human male), the bard (Garrett, halfling male), and the cook (Mebsa, halfling female). Merrill had inherited the tavern from his father close to 40 years ago, Garrett had been performing there on and off for just over 20 years, and Mebsa had been with them for four years, although she had worked for Merrill for a few years about ten years earlier. Merrill and Garrett told them that, instead of caving to the pressure to fire Mebsa and Garrett and hire humans, Merrill had put up a sign on the door saying “ALL ARE WELCOME.” Business has been getting steadily worse since then, but Merrill is sticking to his principles. The Bull was subject to frequent vandalism and pranks, but nothing serious. Mebsa slept under the stairs, so she woke up before anything too bad happened to the Bull. The party talked with Merrill about renting his two spare rooms. Glim tried to talk to a table of humans, and failed miserably.
At the Bull, Rashed went over to hit an a party of three elven women. Vav heard one of them introduce herself as Qillanna (the other two were Ravathyra and Gurcaryn), and informed Rashed that Qillanna had been involved with Laurinth’s drug dealing. Rashed laid on the charm and convinced all three to go home with him. After Rashed convinced them that his friends could be trusted, Qillanna left a note with Vav to give to Shaben, the man they would be meeting. As soon as Qillanna and her friends had left with Rashed, Vav and Elorin read the note. It said that the cook sleeps downstairs, so the best way to accomplish the plan would be with invisibility or a familiar.

After they left the Bull, Elorin and Vav asked Glim to make a scroll of Remove Curse, which they took to the halfling shaman. Vav successfully used the scroll to uncurse the shaman, but he was still ill.

Sul, 8 Eyre 998
Elorin and Vav visited the halfling shaman, who was at death’s door. Elorin successfully cast Remove Disease and the shaman stopped getting worse, but he showed no sign of getting better. Vav sent a message to the wizards he met earlier.

Session #15
Korth Masquerade

Wir, 4 Eyre 998
The party prepared for the masquerade. Listening to gossip, the party learned that Elorin was lucky to get by with just an interrogation. Over the past few days, halflings in Korth had started to succumb to mysterious illnesses, and incoming halflings were subjected to thorough medical examinations to limit contagion. Elorin went to see the halfling shaman and found him much worse.

Zor, 5 Eyre, 998
Krulian, Vav, and Rashed attended a masquerade ball at the home of one of the richer Korth families. The party was woodland themed, and the waitstaff consisted entirely of gnomes and halflings (guaranteed disease free!) dressed as tree stumps. Krulian’s guard friend, Cimorene, showed up dressed as a dryad, and went home with Rashed. Rashed, Vav, and Krulian picked up some gossip:

  • Rashed learned that King Kaius was resisting the growing anti-halfling sentiment, but he seemed likely to cave to pressure from the nobles and pass more anti-halfling laws.
  • Rashed learned that most of the anti-halfling rumors could be tracked to elves.
  • Vav found four wizards who were obsessed with the Draconic Prophecy. They discussed theories behind the music, and told Vav where to find them later.
  • Krulian learned that some minor nobles were planning to sabotage a local tavern run by a human who refused to replace his halfling cook.

Meanwhile, Elorin prepared remove disease and attempted to cure the halfling shaman, to no effect. Out of concern for contagion, the shaman asked Elorin to spread the word that the shaman was to have no visitors. Elorin then sought out the other halflings that had fallen ill, and found that they were afflicted with a completely different illness.

Far, 6 Eyre, 998
Elorin returned to the halfling shaman, and found that one of the shaman’s attendants had also fallen ill. He took various fluid samples from both of them for later study. Vav and Elorin figured out that the sick halflings were probably cursed.

Session #14
Arriving in Korth

Zol, 17 Therendor 998 – Sul, 1 Eyre 998
When the party arrived at the Karrnathi border, they were informed that all halflings needed to be inspected in Korth and given new identification papers; so if Elorin was caught anywhere other than the road to Korth without new papers, he would be arrested. The party headed to Korth, where Krulian and Vav rejoined them. On the way to Korth, Rashed got a message from his family, and left for an urgent meeting. Elorin was held for questioning. While Elorin was in jail, Glim continued making things, Vav focused on getting Elorin cleared, and Krulian kept an ear on local gossip. Vav and Elorin convinced a local shaman to speak at the trial regarding Elorin’s spiritual authority. Vav also asked the halfling who taught the guards to speak Halfling if she would testify, but she refused.

Sul, 1 Eyre 998
Elorin’s case went to a hearing, and he was found not guilty of espionage, given the proper papers, and set free. Elorin set about getting to know the local halfling community.

Mol, 2 Eyre 998
Krulian heard that the halfling teacher had died the night before. He went to her house and charmed a guard into letting him see the place where she had died and the sketches of the body. She died from a stab wound to the heart, but it was hard to tell what kind of weapon. There was nothing remarkable at the scene, although Krulian noticed one of his brooches on her dressing table. Meanwhile, Elorin continued to talk to local halflings, and found that the halfling shaman had fallen ill.

Session #13
After the Riot

Mol, 9 Therendor 998
After the riot, the party patched themselves up and spent the night in the caves they had rented on the outskirts of Gatherhold. Krulian had to leave on urgent personal business, but planned to rejoin the party in a few days.

Zol, 10 Therendor 998
The party decided to ride to Korth. They left a message for Krulian to meet them at the South Gate of Korth. That night, they heard faint music. Each character heard a different song, but it evoked the same feelings and memories in all of them. They also saw lights in the sky moving in time to the music.

Far, 13 Therendor 998
The party stopped to visit Lady Ashinana on the way to Korth.

Sar, 14 Therendor 998 – Zol, 17 Therendor 998
The party continued to travel toward Korth. Vav left the party to do some business in Freeform, and he planned to meet the rest of the party in Korth. Vav traded one of the scrolls he had made for fake identification papers for two new identities for himself (one Valenar, one dwarven nobility), one identifying Elorin as a gnome.

Session #12
Gatherhold Mob

Zor, 5 Therendor 998 – Sul, 8 Therendor 998
The party rode to Gatherhold. On the way, they encountered a pack of wild clawfoots.

Sul, 8 Therendor 998
In Gatherhold, the party noticed the obvious tension between the local halflings and human business-owners. A riot started, which the party eventually managed to disperse.

Session #11
Catching Lewis
  • Glim entered

Mol, 23 Olarune 998 – Wir, 4 Therendor 998
The party caught Lewis, who told them about his mentor, Gerald. On their way back to Ashinana’s Oasis, the party stopped at the Dragon Graveyard, where they discovered that the Degalla, the bronze dragon following them, had been masquerading as the Guardian. Degalla decided to follow the party for the time being. She also told the party that there was a hole under the skull leading to a big, skeletal dragon. The party also picked up representatives from the Featherblade and Blue Moon tribes. When they returned to Ashinana’s Oasis, the party turned Lewis over to Ashinana and the halflings.


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