Session #30

Sul, 22 Dravago 998

Last night, Alicia told Krulian that she was going to Adventurer’s Bane to meet Dude d’Cannith. She didn’t show up for lunch the next day.

Elorin continued to sicken.

When Elorin was going around healing people, one of the sick halflings gave him a small wooden box. The halfling said that a slender man showed up that morning, cast a spell that made him sick, and gave him the box to give to Elorin.

Vav & Krulian went to see the estate of Befububu, an influential Valenar. Vav was disguised as a member of House Lyrandar. A guard recognized Krulian and mentioned that their warbands had interacted. Vav left a name. Vav pointedly did not ask Krulian about pretending to be Aerenal.

After doing quite a bit of divination, Vav opened Elorin’s box. It contained Alicia’s hair and finger with the following note: “House Cannith is not your friend.” Elorin turned into a dog and sniffed the box, confirming that it was Alicia’s finger. There were other two other scents.

Krulian went to Adventurer’s Bane to wach Dude d’Cannith.

Mol, 23 Dravago 998

Vav received a note from Freeform saying that if he gets sufficient evidence, agents can take it to the High King.

The party visited the local Cannith enclave. Vav introduced as Yathizar Vazik. They got a quote on the two scrolls of Heal and one scroll of Remove Curse that they would need to cure Elorin, and made an appointment to see a divination specialist the next afternoon.

In the evening, the party went to the Stargazer Cabal, where they found Tylios giving Degalla sweets. Vav spent most of the evening discussing magical theory with Tylios, particularly tracking magic items.

Zol, 24 Dravago 998

The party went to the Cannith enclave to meet with a diviner. The diviner refused to tell them anything about the item. When they complained, the receptionist informed them that they were not to be allowed to make more appointments with the diviners. Vav complained loudly, and Elorin left his Periapt on the desk.

The party went to the halfling quarter to obtain one of the cloaks for divination. On the way to the Medani enclave, they were stopped by a guard, who returned Elorin’s Periapt and gave him a warning about intentionally passing on cursed items. When Vav and Elorin protested, the guard took Elorin to a local guard station to make a statement. Krulian declined to join them, and Vav waited outside.

Krulian met Vav and Elorin outside the Medani enclave, where they met with an inquisitive. The inquisitive saw an opportunity for a promotion and offered to join their investigation.

Session #29

Sar, 21 Dravago 998

Vav walked in on one of Quillana’s friends laying a trap for him at his flophouse. She tried to catch him, and he led her and two other elves on a merry chase before they cornered him. They threw him in a cellar and told him that they would spare Freeform if he would convince his friends to stop hounding them, since killing one of their number didn’t seem to stop the party. He managed to send a message to Krulian, who found Alicia. Zot led Krulian and Alicia to the cellar where he was being held. They fought off two monstrous spiders, and Alicia managed to enchant the ettercap that was controlling the spiders into cowering away from them and calling the third spider to defend him. The party barely escaped with their lives, and informed the town guard about a theft and waited until they had retrieved Vav’s belongings.

The next day, Vav went to speak to one of the Valenar members of the Stargazer Cabal, and he sent a message to Freeform.

Session #28
The Jig is Up

Zor, 19 Dravago 998
Alicia was nowhere to be found, presumably still trying to impress the Cannith Dude.
Vav got letters from Lancelot Morris, Marilyn Graves, and Lord Chandering. All three said something to the effect of “I know what you are. I don’t know what your game is, but it’s over.” Elorin got a note from his cleric friend, who warned him that his friend was a changeling. Krulian got a similar note from Marilyn.

Vav freaked out and started trying to figure out how they found out. He went to the Stargazer Cabal, who swore that none of them had shared his secret. They suggested that one of his friends may have let it slip.

Elorin went to talk to his cleric friend, who said that if Elorin trusted someone who had been using a false identity, the cleric didn’t feel comfortable trusting Elorin. Elorin still tried to heal the sick halflings, but many of them wouldn’t let him into their homes.

When Vav returned to the Bloody Bull, Merrill confronted him about his identity. Upon returning to his room, he saw Alicia sneaking out. Krulian was waiting in his room, asking whether he’d been telling people that Krulian had sold some of the cursed items. Vav convinced Krulian that he hadn’t told anyone, and he didn’t think Elorin had either. Krulian told Vav that Alicia had left a note, then he left. The note exploded when Vav tried to read it.

Elorin returned later, and saw a changeling leaving his room. He turned into a dog and sniffed around, but he didn’t smell anyone who wasn’t usually there. He went outside, and picked up Vav’s scent in the alley under the window. When Elorin returned to his room, there was a note on his desk. He detected magic, and the note showed as magical. He tried and failed to dispel it, then woke Vav to ask if he left the note. Vav denied leaving the note. Elorin encouraged Vav to examine the note. Vav resisted the initial magical effect, but it still exploded when he tried to read it. This brought Vav near death. Elorin treated him, and Vav went back to bed.

Far, 20 Dravago 998
After breakfast, Elorin returned to his room, where he saw Krulian leaving out the window. When Elorin opened the door, he felt a magical effect, but he resisted its effects.

Vav packed up his things and told Elorin the schedule of flophouses where he would be staying every night. Elorin passed on the information to Krulian.

Vav, Elorin, and Krulian went to the Graves estate to see if they could find out who leaked Vav’s secret. Vav turned into mist, found Marilyn and Lancelot having tea, rematerialized, and asked who had told them his secret. They refused to tell him and called the guards, so he remisted and left.

When Vav went to his flophouse, he saw Elorin leaving. There was a note on his bunk. When he opened it, he barely resisted being reduced. The note read “You have no idea what it’s like.” Vav found Elorin, who denied any knowledge of the note. Elorin saw Vav grin, and Elorin felt a spell try to harm him, but he resisted. Vav denied grinning or casting a spell on Elorin. Vav decided that he would move on to his next flophouse, and change the schedule accordingly. He told Elorin, but Elorin did not tell the rest of the party.

Vav left a note for Stein telling him what had been happening.

Session #27
Getting intense, starting propaganda war

Zol, 18 Dravago 998

The party decided to look for Elf-Joe. They heard rumors of some Valenar in Korth who were pretending to be Aerenal. They split up and visited three inns where they disguised Valenar were rumored to be staying. Vav noticed one group of disguised Valenar, Alicia and Elorin noticed another, and Krulian didn’t see anything unusual. The two groups that they found turned out to be decoys for Elf-Joe’s group.

The party noticed Marilyn wearing a Periapt of Foul Rotting. After they told her what it was, she figured out that Lancelot’s halfling maid had given it to her under the guise of delivering a gift from Lancelot. Marilyn stormed off, vowing to get the maid fired.

The cursed items are spreading among halflings, and they are starting to hit humans who are seen helping halflings.

Elf-Joe’s warband is probably moving to its summer location, which is directly south of Freeform.

The party decided to print pro-halfling fliers and put them up around the rich areas of Korth. They got rocks thrown at them.

Alicia met the Cannith guy in a tavern and he seemed quite taken with her.

Session #26
Alicia's Entry

Sul, 15 Dravago 998
Elorin took another point of CON, DEX, and CHA drain.
Alicia approached the party and asked to join them so she could get a taste of adventuring. She is staying with an old woman whose son is “away on business.”

Mol, 16 Dravago 998
The scroll dealer’s source for high level divine scrolls has left town, and he is having trouble finding another. The party looked around Korth for a cleric who would cast Heal on Elorin. They found several that could, but none that were willing and none that could make scrolls. Their most promising options included a cleric who seemed sympathetic but was afraid to get involved because humans who helped halflings were starting to be targets. Alicia decided to keep talking to her.
The other lead was a half-elf paladin of The Fury named Atheyta. Her brother, Weyrloc, was a half-orcish, high level cleric of The Fury, and he could cast Heal, but he had gone missing. He had been befriending rabbits in the woods for a few months. About a week ago, Weyrloc was missing when Atheyta woke up. His tracks went a few hundred feet toward Korth, then disappeared. His rabbits appeared to have followed him. Alicia and Vav had heard folktales about people being consumed by their passions and turning into, being eaten by, or otherwise coming to harm via rabbits. Weyrloc’s and the rabbits’ prints seemed to get lighter as they progressed, and the rabbits gradually disappeared, then Weyrloc faded away, then the rabbits scattered. The path also smelled of rabbit meat, not of rabbits.

Zol, 17 Dravago 998
Aenshou met Lancelot Morris to go riding, but when she arrived, Lancelot had to cancel. Marilyn Graves had shown up in tears because she feared that Elf-Joe was planning to assassinate his father.
Alicia looked into the local Cannith enclave. She made an appointment to meet with a clerk, then asked around. She learned that there was a restaurant nearby that the Cannith people often ate at, and that one high level Cannith person frequents a rowdy, lower class tavern without bodyguards, which causes some scandal.

Session #25

Zol, 10 Dravago 998
Vav identified Elorin’s cursed pendant as a Periapt of Foul Rotting, which can only be cured by Remove Curse, followed by Remove Disease, followed by Heal, Miracle, Limited Wish, or Wish, or by destroying a Periapt of Health. They spoke to a local scroll dealer, who said that he could probably get a scroll of Heal in a few days, but he would need a 10% deposit. Elorin paid the deposit. Another halfling affected by a Periapt came forward. She could afford to pay for the appropriate spells to be cast on her. The party got a letter from Rashed saying that one of the Valenar High King’s treasurer’s assistants is suspected of embezzling.

Wir, 11 Dravago 998
The party spent the day resting, studying, and working.

Zor, 12 Dravago 998
The party took some of Durriden’s (Vav’s dwarf persona) wizard buddies to meet Degalla, and they got along beautifully. Degalla went to the wizards’ enclave.
The party called on Lord Morris, who invited Aenshou (Vav’s female elf persona) and MiHuNoPe (Aenshou’s “dog” – Elorin) to join him on a tour of one of his vineyards the next day. Vav and Elorin noticed that one of one of Lord Morris’s halfling servants had a Periapt of Foul Rotting. Vav slipped away and secretly told her to seek out Elorin’s cleric friend.

Far, 13 Dravago 998
Lord Morris took Aenshou to the vineyard and was very attentive to her in public. He frequently mentioned that he needed to marry and produce an heir, but Vav and Elorin could see that he mostly wanted to make Marilyn Graves jealous.
Krulian (as Elf-Bob) called on Marilyn Graves. He displayed interest in her birds. She mentioned that she was secretly engaged to Olonan (f.k.a. Elf-Joe), the son of an up-and-coming Valenar warlord. Apparently Olonan is expecting to move up in the world, and he doesn’t want to announce their engagement until his plans come to fruition. She suggested that she be seen in public with Elf-Bob to show Lord Morris that she has moved on and encourage him to do the same.

Session #24

Sar, 7 Dravago 998
Krulian had left the Peacock Ball with some minor noble’s daughter and did not contact the party the next day.
Cimorine came to the Bloody Bull looking for Krulian, and she told Vav and Elorin that Lord Morris had been by a scarab. She mentioned that magically speaking with the corpse wouldn’t help, because Lord Morris had no tongue. When he was a child, he had been kidnapped. His parents hadn’t paid the ransom fast enough, and the kidnapper had sent them his tongue. The kidnapping was never solved. Lord Morris’s wife died three years ago.
While Vav and Elorin were walking around, Elorin noticed a pickpocket, but nothing was stolen.
In the evening, Vav and Elorin discovered Glim dead in his room. The room was completely empty, and Glim’s body lay naked in the center with the words “Ignorance is Bliss” written on his chest in blood. Closer examination revealed that he had probably been killed by a scarab, which was nowhere to be found. The party found a few crumbs and slivers on the floor.
Vav and Elorin spoke with Degalla about the night music in the hope of getting Vav back in the good graces of his wizard friends. Degalla told them that she had heard songs that she remembered from the egg. On the way home, Elorin noticed that the music stopped as soon as he passed over the threshold of the Bloody Bull, even though the door was not yet closed.
Vav received an offer from Lord Chandering to buy his dog.

Sol, 8 Dravago 998
Elorin woke up feeling slightly ill (1 point of DEX, CON, CHA drain). A thorough search of his belongings revealed that the pickpocket had planted a piece of enchanted costume jewelry in his purse.
Elorin and Vav told Cimorene about Glim and showed her the crumbs and slivers. Cimorene noticed that the slivers looked like they had been baked into the bread. Elorin’s cleric friend spoke with Glim’s corpse, revealing that he had awoken in the room with nothing but a wineskin, some biscuits, and a clay chamber-pot. The scarab was in a thin balsa wood box baked into one of the biscuits, which had shattered when he picked it up.
Vav wrote to his wizard buddies and told them that the music stopped right at the threshold and that people were remembering songs they heard in utero. He refused Chandering’s offer to buy his dog, but said he may consider breeding him. Vav and Elorin decided to research the potential offspring of a wild shaped druid and a critter.
Vav and Elorin went to visit the wizards, who told them that the when groups of people sang along with the songs they heard at night, they sang in perfect harmony. The wizards tried to replicate these harmonies when the night music was not playing, but they failed.

Session #23
Peacock Ball

Zol, 3 Dravago 998
Krulian confessed to Vav and Elorin that he had sold the cursed items to the halflings. He had not known that they were cursed, and had sold them for an anonymous contact. Vav and Elorin did not press him about any remaining items or the identity of his contact.
Vav, disguised as a Valenar woman, Krulian, and Elorin in dog form went to a restaurant near the Graves estate. A young Vadalis woman noticed the unique dog and invited them to attend the Graves’ big party surrounding the unveiling of a new breed of peacock.

Wir, 4 Dravago 998
Naomi gave Elorin, Vav, and Krulian noble outfits. Although the gems were glass and some of the fabric was substandard, they were very well made. They told Naomi that it was a bird-themed costume party, Vav’s persona was female, and Elorin was going as a dog. Naomi said that if they would procure the appropriate materials, she and her mother would make their costumes. She also passed on some gossip about the Graves’ relationships with other nobles. Lancelot Morris was supposed to marry Marilyn Graves, but she broke it off. Herman Chandering wants to buy one of the Graves’ cats for his daughter, but they refuse to sell.

Zor, 5 Dravago 998
The party prepared for the ball.

Far, 6 Dravago 998
Elorin, Vav, and Krulian went to the Graves’ peacock ball. They spoke to Mr. Morris and Mr. Chandering. Mr. Morris continued to moon over Marilyn, and was particularly morose because his father was murdered three days before. The party charmed Marilyn. After the ball, Krulian confessed that his contact had been Ilian Morris, Lancelot’s father.

Session #22

Sar, 28 Eyre 998
The party interrogated one of the surviving Silver Spoons and discovered that Marilyn Graves, a minor noble, had hired them to break into the Bloody Bull and play some sort of prank on Mebsa. They hadn’t planned to kidnap her, but things got out of hand. They got a general idea of where the Graves estate was and the names of two baker’s assistants who were in the gang. There was another sewer exit and a secret door leading to the basement of the bakery.

Sul, 1 Dravago 998
Vav and Elorin were approached at the Bloody Bull by Naomi Taylor. Her younger brother, Geirmund, was the dead Silver Spoon that Vav had impersonated, and her older brother, Sam, had been killed by Mebsa in a mugging gone wrong two months before. Naomi bore no grudge against Mebsa and the party; she had warned her brothers that gang life would get them killed. She asked the party to let her help them take down Marilyn Graves.
Meanwhile, Cimorene told Krulian that three more halflings and her boss had died in the same mysterious manner as the halfling teacher. Glim examined a few of the dead guard captain’s things and discovered a [Slow Scarab of Death]. He and Krulian gave the scarab to Cimorene as evidence, and she gave them a small jade statue of a dragon as payment, which Krulian sold for 1000 gp.

Mol, 2 Dravago 998
Elorin and Vav went to check on the three cursed halflings. All were worsening, and one had developed a rash. They also learned that the halfling cleric who had healed the shaman had come down with Slimy Doom. When they visited the cleric, they found that the shaman had paid him for his help by giving him a cloak and a ring. Both were magical but unidentified. Elorin and Vav called for Glim, who identified the ring as a Ring of Protection +1 and the cloak as a Cloak of Resistance. Upon further study, he discovered that the Cloak was actually a Cloak of Slimy Doom. The cleric let him keep both the cloak and the ring, and Elorin healed the cleric.
Vav and Elorin returned to the three cursed halflings. Two were friends; they searched their persons and discovered that one had featherfall token, but there were no other magic items on either of them. The third had no magic items. In the evening, Vav took a walk in the swanky part of town to establish his elf identity.

Session #21
rescuing Mebsa

Far, 27 Eyre 998
The party raided the Silver Spoons base next to the bakery. The went in through the sewers, killed two gang members, incapacitated three, and rescued Mebsa.


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