Session #8

Sul, 22 Barrakas 998 – Wir, 25 Barrakas 998

T’Nari awoke with a jerk, having dreamed of a utopia facilitated by a beautiful, shining man. He was drawn to an area on the Valenar-Talenta border.

The party continued to do research at the High King’s library. They discovered that the first mention of Cult Central was in a history of the Blood of Vol, 2000+ years ago. Aelred learned about a small party of heroes who successfully ushered a group of Lightning Rail passengers out of the Mournland:
I just found Benjie’s old campaign notes, so I can give you a proper list of the party who ushered the trainload of civilians out of the Mournlands.

  • Clarion: Warforged bard/druid. Has a smattering of followers spread around Khorvaire. Preaches a vaguely zen-sensate-ish philosophy. Spent a lot of time with the Valenar.
  • Nomkaltash: Kalashtar Ranger. Not raised among Kalashtar.
  • Hector d’Orien: Dragonmarked Human Wizard, student of the Passage Academy.
  • Arno d’Medani: Dragonmarked Khoravar (Half-Elf) Fighter/Expert. Trained as a sentry and studying to be a licensed private inquisitive under the auspices of his house.
  • Maria Kendar: Human Adept serving the Sovereign Host, especially Arawai, goddess of agriculture. She is a very “mothering” figure who works to see things through for the Cyran refugees under her care.
  • Lars Stakeln: Dwarven Barbarian. Married to Baroness Annanka Stakeln. He is minor nobility, but is usually unreachable. She runs the household.

Rethgif (David’s 2nd) – male human fighter
got bored with guarding the wagon and decided to take a more active role in the adventures. The party decided to go to the place to which T’Nari was drawn, but Lint stayed behind because he thought he was close to a breakthrough.

Sul, 1 Rhaan 998

The party entered Cult Central. T’Nari thought that, although they could make it to the spot she was aiming for if they kept going through the night, they would be better off resting and getting there in the morning. T’Nari took the first watch, and when the others fell asleep he decided that the others didn’t share his drive, loaded the wagon, and went off without them. The sound of the wagon woke Az and Aelred, who restrained T’Nari until he came to his senses.

Mol, 2 Rhaan 998

After a few hours, T’Nari felt as if the location was close. They noticed bones on the ground, most of them not humanoid. Two mohrgs arose out of the bones and attacked, with two more joining in after a few seconds. The party finally defeated the mohrgs, and T’Nari declared that it was a test to allow them to prove their worthiness.


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