Session #32

Zor, 26 Dravago 998
The party successfully convinced House Cannith that Vav was working for House Medani, and he was released. On their way back to their respective inns, Elorin stopped by the message post and received a note from Dude d’Cannith. It basically said that he was sending it to all of Alicia’s friends, he’d discovered something, and they should meet him behind the Adventurer’s Bane.

Far, 27 Dravago 998
The party met Dude behind the Adventurer’s Bane. He told them that Cannith crafters had discovered unidentified magical foci in the crafting areas in the days after he had seduced an elf named Ravathyra. As he was talking, an arrow shot out of a nearby building and killed Dude. The party searched the building, but was unable to catch the shooter. Elorin turned into a wolf and traced the shooter’s scent to the sewers.


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