Session #3-2

Zol, 17 Sypheros 998
On the way to the Mournland, the party encountered a small party of dwarves delivering a message from Lars Stackeln.
“Are you the idiots who are planning to infiltrate the Mournland? Don’t. You talk too much. Everyone has heard of your theories about Warforged and the Mournland. If you’re right, the Lord of Blades will not want you to succeed.”

The party decided to keep going toward the Mournland, but not to go in without recruiting a tracker.

Sar, 21 Sypheros 998
T’Nari kept first watch overnight, and he saw five warforged approaching. He woke Rethgif and Aelred, and they confronted the warforged. Three were killed, one was captured, and one escaped. The party took heavy damage but sustained no casualties. They interrogated the surviving warforged, who mocked their fleshiness and implied that the Lord of Blades had working creation forges in the Mournland.

The party kept the warforged tied up behind the wagon and went to do more shopping in a nearby Valenar camp.

Mol, 23 Sypheros 998
Two larger warforged attacked the party’s camp, nearly killing Aelred and Rethgif before being taken down. One was killed and the other was gravely wounded. Aelred tied up the survivor (33). They killed their previous captive.


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