Session #3-1

Sol, 1 Sypheros 998
The party began preparations for their foray into the Mournland.

Sar, 7 Sypheros 998
T’Nari did some research on what happens when you cast a spell in the Mournlands. Rough estimate:
50% works fine
20% works better
20% fails
10% something interesting

Sar, 14 Sypheros 998
Aelred looked into the locations of the people who were present on the Day of Mourning:
Clarion (Nomadic – mostly Valenar)
Nomkaltash (Nomadic)
Hector d’Orien (Aundair)
Arno d’Medani (Sharn)
Maria Kendar (Thrane)
Lars Stakeln (Mror Holds)

Sol, 15 Sypheros 998
Aelred, T’Nari, and Rethgif went to speak to Clarion. Clarion advised them that however well they thought they were prepared, they would never be prepared enough. Nothing is as it seems in the Mournlands.


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