Session #2-11

16 Rhaan, 998
Heol and his followers finished packing and headed out to meet the High King.

22 Rhaan, 998
The wagon train arrived at Taer Valestis. The streets were not big enough for everyone to go in, so Heol asked the party to accompany him since they had already worked for the High King. T’Nari went in ahead to announce Heol. Heol gave T’Nari a jeweled box as a gift for the High King, which T’Nari put in his backpack. T’Nari told the High King that Heol’s heart was in the right place, but he had and “enchanting personality.” The High king had an adviser take the box away and told T’Nari that he would be ready to meet Heol in half an hour. T’Nari returned to Heol, and the four of them entertained themselves with T’Nari’s instruments until they were summoned.

When Heol started speaking, the whole room was entranced except for the High King, his adviser, two guards, Az, and Aelred. The High King acknowledged that Heol’s motives were good, but he wasn’t convinced that he could implement his ideas without significant bloodshed. Heol began to cast a spell, which T’Nari noticed. The two guards tackled Heol to the ground. Rethgif stepped in to smooth over the “misunderstanding,” and the guards let Heol stand. Heol turned to leave, and the party followed. As soon as the party was between him and the guards, Heol recast the spell and dominated the High King. Rethgif tried to distract the King by asking about their bounty. The king gave them 5,000 g each and went back to talking with Heol. T’Nari, Rethgif, and Aelred realized what had happened. Everyone in the room seemed enthralled by Heol except the adviser and two guards. T’Nari caught the adviser’s eye and gestured toward the exit. The adviser announced that the High King would be meeting with Heol, and that everyone else could leave.

Once she was out of Heol’s presence, Az returned to her senses and joined her friends. The adviser gestured for the party to follow him to a small guard shack, and where they discussed Heol. The adviser agreed that Heol was probably a fallen celestial. He asked if they had ever seen Heol without his robes. They hadn’t, so the adviser suggested another way to be sure. He had T’Nari cast Air Walk and stay just a few inches above the floor while going in with some message for Heol or the King. As soon as he got near Heol, he stumbled as he fell two inches to the floor. He asked the King if he was free to preach his faith in Taer Valestis, then hurried out and told the adviser what had happened. The adviser nodded and said that radiant idols could not fly by any means, and that flying magic would not work within 30 feet of them. Radiant idols are also incredibly persuasive, and Heol was more persuasive than most. The adviser confirmed that if Heol was killed, his spell would be broken. He also reassured the party that his persuasion wouldn’t work on his enemies. They all declared themselves to be enemies of Heol, and the adviser cautioned them that radiant idols had other effects on his enemies. The party discovered this when they went to escort Heol back to the camp and were overcome with despair as soon as they entered his presence.

At the camp, the party went into their tents as Heol spoke with is people. T’Nari stood by the wagon to get some air. When everyone else was in their tents, Heol came over to talk to T’Nari. T’Nari smiled and said he needed some time alone to think, but he couldn’t hide the despair. Heol paused at each tent before going int to his own. The party got together and approached the tent. Az opened the tent flap and leaned in to speak with Heol while Aelred, invisible, entered the tent and T’Nari and Rethgif waited outside. Heol was expecting an attack, and as soon as he saw Az, he shouted, “They’re here!” and the people began to spill out of the tents. The party did their best to focus on Heol and avoid harming the innocent followers. In the end, only four of the twenty or so followers were injured when Heol was killed. T’Nari healed the wounded and he and Rethgif bought everyone drinks. The High King gave them each another 1,000 g and a ring of sustenance.


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