Session #2-10

Zol, 2 Rhaan 998

T’Nari awoke in the night to find a beautiful woman beckoning him. He knew that the woman would take him to the radiant man he had dreamed about. Surprisingly, the rest of the party did not wake as T’Nari hitched up the wagon and left, not even Rethgif, who was sleeping in the wagon. The beautiful woman led T’Nari to Heol’s encampment. T’Nari spoke with Heol and suggested that he should go find his friends so they could also serve him. Heol agreed and gave him a ring “to protect him.” T’Nari woke Rethgif, who was skeptical but agreed that they should meet up with the others.

T’Nari and Rethgif followed Aelred and Az’s trail from their camp to the deserted campsite with the rabbit tracks, then toward the Wandering Inn. On the way to the Wandering Inn, they saw their friends’ tracks doubling back and realized that they had been with Heol for several days. The party eventually converged in the Taer Valestis library.

Zol, 10 Rhaan 998

T’Nari extolled the virtues of Heol to his friends, and everyone was at least partially convinced except for Az. Aelred was totally taken in. T’Nari came to his senses a bit and decided that Heol meant well, but he was deceiving himself about his capabilities. Rethgif realized that the ring may be enchanting people, and T’Nari decided to test it. He put the ring in a pouch, and approached a stranger. When asked how he felt about Heol, the stranger said that he had no idea who that was. T’Nari showed him the ring and asked again. The stranger said that he still didn’t know who he was, but he sounded like a really nice guy. The stranger left the library, and T’Nari followed him. T’Nari tried to stop the stranger from leaving town, but he insisted on going to meet Heol, even after T’Nari offered him a chicken if he stayed. T’Nari put the ring in a different bag, and Rethgif smashed it on a rock. The stranger still wanted to leave. They returned to the library, and T’Nari asked Rethgif to smash it again, but he refused. Az smashed it instead. They still felt the pull of Heol. Finally, Az gave the ring to the High King’s representative with a warning that it contained a powerful enchantment.

The party did a lot of research on dracoliches and Cult Central, discovering that the Blood of Vol seemed to be always connected to the cults, but always in different ways (antagonist, supporter, former cult members joining the Blood of Vol, etc.). Finally, they headed out.

Far, 13 Rhaan 998

First, they headed to the center of Cult Central, where they found a small dragon graveyard, less than a hundred feet across. It contained a couple of large skulls and an assortment of bones. There were also scales scattered around. The plurality of the scales were green, and there seemed to be a lot of tiny brass scales scattered on top of the rest. Upon closer inspection, Aelred discovered the abandoned nest of a tiny brass dragon ([Degalla]!). They looked around a bit more, and Aelred decided that, since there was no bounty on the dracolitch, searching for it would not help his quest to restore Cyrie. He persuaded the rest of the party to go to Heol instead.

That night, Rethgif dreamed the same dream that T’Nari had the past week, and Aelred dreamed of a new Cyrie with Heol driving back the Mournland. In the morning, Aelred was overcome by the urge to run to Heol, but T’Nari convinced him to proceed cautiously. That evening, they stopped about a mile from Heol’s camp. Aelred insisted on going on. T’Nari talked him down again. Once Aelred was not anxious to move on, T’Nari declared it safe to move on and the party went to meet Heol.

Heol went to meet the party. The whole party was enchanted, including Az. T’Nari told Heol that his followers were turning into Bunnies. Heol immediately instructed his remaining followers to stop catching and eating the rabbits. T’Nari was convinced that Heol fooling himself and suggested going to the high king. Heol agreed and instructed his followers to pack up. The party helped out. Az took a walk around the perimeter, which cleared her head.


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