Session #3-2

Zol, 17 Sypheros 998
On the way to the Mournland, the party encountered a small party of dwarves delivering a message from Lars Stackeln.
“Are you the idiots who are planning to infiltrate the Mournland? Don’t. You talk too much. Everyone has heard of your theories about Warforged and the Mournland. If you’re right, the Lord of Blades will not want you to succeed.”

The party decided to keep going toward the Mournland, but not to go in without recruiting a tracker.

Sar, 21 Sypheros 998
T’Nari kept first watch overnight, and he saw five warforged approaching. He woke Rethgif and Aelred, and they confronted the warforged. Three were killed, one was captured, and one escaped. The party took heavy damage but sustained no casualties. They interrogated the surviving warforged, who mocked their fleshiness and implied that the Lord of Blades had working creation forges in the Mournland.

The party kept the warforged tied up behind the wagon and went to do more shopping in a nearby Valenar camp.

Mol, 23 Sypheros 998
Two larger warforged attacked the party’s camp, nearly killing Aelred and Rethgif before being taken down. One was killed and the other was gravely wounded. Aelred tied up the survivor (33). They killed their previous captive.

Session #3-1

Sol, 1 Sypheros 998
The party began preparations for their foray into the Mournland.

Sar, 7 Sypheros 998
T’Nari did some research on what happens when you cast a spell in the Mournlands. Rough estimate:
50% works fine
20% works better
20% fails
10% something interesting

Sar, 14 Sypheros 998
Aelred looked into the locations of the people who were present on the Day of Mourning:
Clarion (Nomadic – mostly Valenar)
Nomkaltash (Nomadic)
Hector d’Orien (Aundair)
Arno d’Medani (Sharn)
Maria Kendar (Thrane)
Lars Stakeln (Mror Holds)

Sol, 15 Sypheros 998
Aelred, T’Nari, and Rethgif went to speak to Clarion. Clarion advised them that however well they thought they were prepared, they would never be prepared enough. Nothing is as it seems in the Mournlands.

Session #2-11

16 Rhaan, 998
Heol and his followers finished packing and headed out to meet the High King.

22 Rhaan, 998
The wagon train arrived at Taer Valestis. The streets were not big enough for everyone to go in, so Heol asked the party to accompany him since they had already worked for the High King. T’Nari went in ahead to announce Heol. Heol gave T’Nari a jeweled box as a gift for the High King, which T’Nari put in his backpack. T’Nari told the High King that Heol’s heart was in the right place, but he had and “enchanting personality.” The High king had an adviser take the box away and told T’Nari that he would be ready to meet Heol in half an hour. T’Nari returned to Heol, and the four of them entertained themselves with T’Nari’s instruments until they were summoned.

When Heol started speaking, the whole room was entranced except for the High King, his adviser, two guards, Az, and Aelred. The High King acknowledged that Heol’s motives were good, but he wasn’t convinced that he could implement his ideas without significant bloodshed. Heol began to cast a spell, which T’Nari noticed. The two guards tackled Heol to the ground. Rethgif stepped in to smooth over the “misunderstanding,” and the guards let Heol stand. Heol turned to leave, and the party followed. As soon as the party was between him and the guards, Heol recast the spell and dominated the High King. Rethgif tried to distract the King by asking about their bounty. The king gave them 5,000 g each and went back to talking with Heol. T’Nari, Rethgif, and Aelred realized what had happened. Everyone in the room seemed enthralled by Heol except the adviser and two guards. T’Nari caught the adviser’s eye and gestured toward the exit. The adviser announced that the High King would be meeting with Heol, and that everyone else could leave.

Once she was out of Heol’s presence, Az returned to her senses and joined her friends. The adviser gestured for the party to follow him to a small guard shack, and where they discussed Heol. The adviser agreed that Heol was probably a fallen celestial. He asked if they had ever seen Heol without his robes. They hadn’t, so the adviser suggested another way to be sure. He had T’Nari cast Air Walk and stay just a few inches above the floor while going in with some message for Heol or the King. As soon as he got near Heol, he stumbled as he fell two inches to the floor. He asked the King if he was free to preach his faith in Taer Valestis, then hurried out and told the adviser what had happened. The adviser nodded and said that radiant idols could not fly by any means, and that flying magic would not work within 30 feet of them. Radiant idols are also incredibly persuasive, and Heol was more persuasive than most. The adviser confirmed that if Heol was killed, his spell would be broken. He also reassured the party that his persuasion wouldn’t work on his enemies. They all declared themselves to be enemies of Heol, and the adviser cautioned them that radiant idols had other effects on his enemies. The party discovered this when they went to escort Heol back to the camp and were overcome with despair as soon as they entered his presence.

At the camp, the party went into their tents as Heol spoke with is people. T’Nari stood by the wagon to get some air. When everyone else was in their tents, Heol came over to talk to T’Nari. T’Nari smiled and said he needed some time alone to think, but he couldn’t hide the despair. Heol paused at each tent before going int to his own. The party got together and approached the tent. Az opened the tent flap and leaned in to speak with Heol while Aelred, invisible, entered the tent and T’Nari and Rethgif waited outside. Heol was expecting an attack, and as soon as he saw Az, he shouted, “They’re here!” and the people began to spill out of the tents. The party did their best to focus on Heol and avoid harming the innocent followers. In the end, only four of the twenty or so followers were injured when Heol was killed. T’Nari healed the wounded and he and Rethgif bought everyone drinks. The High King gave them each another 1,000 g and a ring of sustenance.

Session #2-10

Zol, 2 Rhaan 998

T’Nari awoke in the night to find a beautiful woman beckoning him. He knew that the woman would take him to the radiant man he had dreamed about. Surprisingly, the rest of the party did not wake as T’Nari hitched up the wagon and left, not even Rethgif, who was sleeping in the wagon. The beautiful woman led T’Nari to Heol’s encampment. T’Nari spoke with Heol and suggested that he should go find his friends so they could also serve him. Heol agreed and gave him a ring “to protect him.” T’Nari woke Rethgif, who was skeptical but agreed that they should meet up with the others.

T’Nari and Rethgif followed Aelred and Az’s trail from their camp to the deserted campsite with the rabbit tracks, then toward the Wandering Inn. On the way to the Wandering Inn, they saw their friends’ tracks doubling back and realized that they had been with Heol for several days. The party eventually converged in the Taer Valestis library.

Zol, 10 Rhaan 998

T’Nari extolled the virtues of Heol to his friends, and everyone was at least partially convinced except for Az. Aelred was totally taken in. T’Nari came to his senses a bit and decided that Heol meant well, but he was deceiving himself about his capabilities. Rethgif realized that the ring may be enchanting people, and T’Nari decided to test it. He put the ring in a pouch, and approached a stranger. When asked how he felt about Heol, the stranger said that he had no idea who that was. T’Nari showed him the ring and asked again. The stranger said that he still didn’t know who he was, but he sounded like a really nice guy. The stranger left the library, and T’Nari followed him. T’Nari tried to stop the stranger from leaving town, but he insisted on going to meet Heol, even after T’Nari offered him a chicken if he stayed. T’Nari put the ring in a different bag, and Rethgif smashed it on a rock. The stranger still wanted to leave. They returned to the library, and T’Nari asked Rethgif to smash it again, but he refused. Az smashed it instead. They still felt the pull of Heol. Finally, Az gave the ring to the High King’s representative with a warning that it contained a powerful enchantment.

The party did a lot of research on dracoliches and Cult Central, discovering that the Blood of Vol seemed to be always connected to the cults, but always in different ways (antagonist, supporter, former cult members joining the Blood of Vol, etc.). Finally, they headed out.

Far, 13 Rhaan 998

First, they headed to the center of Cult Central, where they found a small dragon graveyard, less than a hundred feet across. It contained a couple of large skulls and an assortment of bones. There were also scales scattered around. The plurality of the scales were green, and there seemed to be a lot of tiny brass scales scattered on top of the rest. Upon closer inspection, Aelred discovered the abandoned nest of a tiny brass dragon ([Degalla]!). They looked around a bit more, and Aelred decided that, since there was no bounty on the dracolitch, searching for it would not help his quest to restore Cyrie. He persuaded the rest of the party to go to Heol instead.

That night, Rethgif dreamed the same dream that T’Nari had the past week, and Aelred dreamed of a new Cyrie with Heol driving back the Mournland. In the morning, Aelred was overcome by the urge to run to Heol, but T’Nari convinced him to proceed cautiously. That evening, they stopped about a mile from Heol’s camp. Aelred insisted on going on. T’Nari talked him down again. Once Aelred was not anxious to move on, T’Nari declared it safe to move on and the party went to meet Heol.

Heol went to meet the party. The whole party was enchanted, including Az. T’Nari told Heol that his followers were turning into Bunnies. Heol immediately instructed his remaining followers to stop catching and eating the rabbits. T’Nari was convinced that Heol fooling himself and suggested going to the high king. Heol agreed and instructed his followers to pack up. The party helped out. Az took a walk around the perimeter, which cleared her head.

Session #9
In which things get silly

Zol, 2 Rhaan 998
Az and Aelred awoke to find T’Nari and his wagon missing. They continued in the direction he had been pointing and discovered an area that had clearly contained a large camp until recently. There were clear signs of people coming in over the past few months, but no evidence of people leaving the area. There were rabbit tracks all over. The party followed some of the rabbit tracks, but they ended in a rabbit hole.

They decided to seek out the Wandering Inn to see if any travelers had seen people coming or going from the area. There weren’t any public libraries beyond the “take a book, leave a book” shelves at the various lodgings. One of them had the cover torn off of a book called "Cult Formation on the Talenta-Valenar Border, but there was no sign of the rest of the book. Because travelers coming in from Q’Barra and Valenar would pass near Cult Central, Az and Aelred sought out taverns that catered to the big folk.

In a working-class bar, they spoke to a lizardfolk who told them that there are always people trickling into that area, but he hardly ever sees people leaving. He wasn’t sure why people kept going there, because “there’s nothing there.” Aelred noticed the excessive emphasis and pressed him on the subject. The lizardfolk became agitated and told Aelred that lizardfolk children are told that wherever they wander, stay away from that area because “there’s nothing there worth finding.”

The two moved on to an upper-class tavern, with Az posing as Aelred’s bodyguard. Despite the respect gained from having a half-orc bodyguard, Aelred did not manage to gather any information before Az was confronted by a Thurashk half-orc. The half-orc took offense at Az’s apparent freelance bodyguarding. Az stated that, as far as she knew, she owed House Thurashk nothing, and she didn’t approve of an enforced monopoly. The half-orc insisted that Az was able to walk into cities without being shot on sight thanks to the work of House Thurashk, and when Az didn’t submit, he started swinging his axe. He and Az traded a few hits before Aelred drew his sword. The half-orc turned on Aelred and bloodied him, forcing him to turn invisible and flee, then turned back to Az. Az appeared to have the upper hand when the half-orc retreated to the street and called for backup. Az took the opportunity to flee out the back door. It opened into a blind alley, so she climbed the tavern walls, jumped off the roof, and fled. Aelred noted that the Thurashk bunch was satisfied at having made Az abandon her charge, and he ran to join Az before his invisibility wore off. Aelred was barely conscious due to his wounds, so Az scooped him up and carried him to the nearest temple. Upon realizing that it was a temple of the Keeper, Az ran right back out and they decided to let Aelred heal naturally on their way to Valenar.

Aelred and Az headed back to Valenar, where they researched rabbits and their relationship to Cult Central. There was very little hard evidence, but there were stories and legends scattered throughout a wide variety of faiths and cultures. The idea of somone being so engrossed in an idea that they transformed into a rabbit, or were carried away by rabbits, or hid away in the woods and only talked to rabbits, seemed to turn up all over. Sometimes the rabbits were a warning, other times a promise. Sometimes they symbolized enlightenment, sometimes dangerous fanaticism. The only common theme was the association of rabbits with singular devotion. Aelred also noticed a crackpot theory that when powerful magic and powerful belief are in close proximity to one another, they can interact to spontaneously form a living spirit of a particular ideology.

Az decided to look more closely into the lizardfolk children’s stories, and discovered something important that the lizardfolk to whom Aelred had spoke had neglected to mention. After a great deal of poetic description of various landmarks, which Az mapped out to confirm that the warning referred to Cult Central, the warning said, “Wherever you may wander, avoid this place, for there is nothing good there.” This seemed to imply that there was, in fact, something bad there. Further study of children’s stories revealed a tale of children who wandered into the forbidden area and were forced to serve a dead dragon for eternity. Az said that a dead dragon is the best kind of dragon, and Aelred pointed out that they had faced a few dead things that were decidedly scarier than their living counterparts. Suddenly, the prevalence of cults in the area made sense. A dracolitch living in the Talenta Plains for long enough to become a half-remembered legend without making its presence known must use humanoid followers to do most of its work outside its lair.

They reported their findings to the High King’s representative, who said that the prospect of a dracolitch on the border was truly unexpected. All of the great heroes who could have taken on a dracolitch had perished in the last war, so it would take an army and some careful preparation to deal with it. Az and Aelred were instructed to give the high king time to consider this news, spend some time pursuing their own private projects, and return in a week.

Az took the opportunity to spend some time meditating and drinking, while Aelred dove back into his research on the Mournland. He had previously found that most theories about the Day of Mourning focus on the creation forges. Now, he kept finding variations on the phrase “When one person is unnaturally brought to life, another unnaturally dies.” He also noticed that, whenever the creation forges had been active, there were lines of magical misfiring, particularly divination, running between Cyrie and every large population center in the world.

Meanwhile, Az realized that, the group that had survived the Day of Mourning included a kalashtar and a warforged with close ties to Valenar. She asked about Nomkaltash at the kalashtar enclave, but they assumed that she was simply trying to meet someone famous. She then turned her attention to Clarion,assuming that, because he had close ties with the Valenar, there would be information about him at the library. She was correct, finding that he had developed a small following for his philosophy of varied experience and minimal connections. She then turned to assist Aelred with his research, and they put together the final pieces of the puzzle.

Aelred looked deeper into things that had happened around the world in response to the creation forges, and he discovered that when they were active, stillbirths spiked around the world. In addition, quite a few of the children born on those days were undeniably evil. Az made the final leap, realizing that all warforged have souls, and the souls have to come from somewhere. The massive rush of souls into Cyrie had caused a sort of metaphysical maelstrom, which became self-sustaining. Every time someone dies in the Mournland, their soul fuels the maelstrom.

Az left a message with a semi-permanent kalashtar enclave for her kalashtar friends, asking them for information on Nomkaltash’s whereabouts.

Session #8

Sul, 22 Barrakas 998 – Wir, 25 Barrakas 998

T’Nari awoke with a jerk, having dreamed of a utopia facilitated by a beautiful, shining man. He was drawn to an area on the Valenar-Talenta border.

The party continued to do research at the High King’s library. They discovered that the first mention of Cult Central was in a history of the Blood of Vol, 2000+ years ago. Aelred learned about a small party of heroes who successfully ushered a group of Lightning Rail passengers out of the Mournland:
I just found Benjie’s old campaign notes, so I can give you a proper list of the party who ushered the trainload of civilians out of the Mournlands.

  • Clarion: Warforged bard/druid. Has a smattering of followers spread around Khorvaire. Preaches a vaguely zen-sensate-ish philosophy. Spent a lot of time with the Valenar.
  • Nomkaltash: Kalashtar Ranger. Not raised among Kalashtar.
  • Hector d’Orien: Dragonmarked Human Wizard, student of the Passage Academy.
  • Arno d’Medani: Dragonmarked Khoravar (Half-Elf) Fighter/Expert. Trained as a sentry and studying to be a licensed private inquisitive under the auspices of his house.
  • Maria Kendar: Human Adept serving the Sovereign Host, especially Arawai, goddess of agriculture. She is a very “mothering” figure who works to see things through for the Cyran refugees under her care.
  • Lars Stakeln: Dwarven Barbarian. Married to Baroness Annanka Stakeln. He is minor nobility, but is usually unreachable. She runs the household.

Rethgif (David’s 2nd) – male human fighter
got bored with guarding the wagon and decided to take a more active role in the adventures. The party decided to go to the place to which T’Nari was drawn, but Lint stayed behind because he thought he was close to a breakthrough.

Sul, 1 Rhaan 998

The party entered Cult Central. T’Nari thought that, although they could make it to the spot she was aiming for if they kept going through the night, they would be better off resting and getting there in the morning. T’Nari took the first watch, and when the others fell asleep he decided that the others didn’t share his drive, loaded the wagon, and went off without them. The sound of the wagon woke Az and Aelred, who restrained T’Nari until he came to his senses.

Mol, 2 Rhaan 998

After a few hours, T’Nari felt as if the location was close. They noticed bones on the ground, most of them not humanoid. Two mohrgs arose out of the bones and attacked, with two more joining in after a few seconds. The party finally defeated the mohrgs, and T’Nari declared that it was a test to allow them to prove their worthiness.

New Storyline: In Which the GM is Lazy

We started a new storyline with a new set of characters a while back. Because I was a bad, lazy GM, I made only the barest skeletons of plot notes. Here’s a brief summary of what’s been happening. I’ll start making regular session posts after the next session. Players, feel free to add missing details. There will be a lot of them.

Zor, 26 Nymm 998 – Far, 27 Lharvion 998
A bunch of bounty hunters showed up at the Seat of the Valnar High King to track down and capture the people behind the New Valenar Empire. The NVE was a conspiracy of Valenar who were using subterfuge and a huge stockpile of cursed items to increase racial tension between Karrnathi humans and Talenta halflings. The idea was that if Karrnath and the Talenta Plains went to war, Valenar could step in and scoop up a bunch of territory. The High King was worried about bounty hunters competing for bounties and getting in each other’s way, so he arranged an organized bounty system. The bounty hunters would be divided into small groups, and each group would be assigned certain bounties. No matter who brought in any given fugitive, the reward would be divided evenly among the group to which the bounty had been assigned. Higher bounties would be given for live prisoners than for corpses, but both would be rewarded. The party was one group of bounty hunters.

Aelred (Cable): male human assassin
Lint Underfoot (Ryan): male halfling artificer
Bailiff (Benjie): warforged cleric of Aureon
Ivellios? (Brent): female human bard?
Az (Will – The GM will be called Willie until further notice): female half-orc monk/barbarian

The party captured a few bounties with no trouble. They met up with an old friend of Ivellios’s and his travelling companion.

T’Nari Niti (David): male human cleric of the people
Name? – Let’s call her Beatrice. (Travis): female elf wizard?

Unfortunately, while maneuvering through a trap-laden dungeon to get to a druid, Ivellios cast a spell that reacted badly with an anti-teleportation mist that pervaded the dungeon. The magical reaction swept him, Bailiff, and Beatrice away. The party found them in a nonplanar space and discovered that they had been afflicted with some kind of planar leprosy, and rescuing them without finding a cure would risk a global pandemic. The party decided to go back to their bounties and hope for the best.

Sar, 28 Lharvion 998 – Sar, 21 Barrakas 998

The party travelled back to the Seat of the High King to collect the bounty for the druid they had captured. They were then assigned a cleric named Enialol, who was believed to be in Vulyar. The uncovering of the NVE conspiracy had helped to cool racial tensions between humans and halflings, but there are still a lot of hurt feelings on both sides. It will take time before humans and halflings really trust one another. That said, the party of two humans, a halfling, and a half-orc walking around in Vulyar drew a lot of odd looks. A few people made aggressive motions, but thought better of it. A halfling approached Lint and asked him, if he came across the Proudfoot tribe in the Talenta Plains, to tell Moira that Rupert would come for her when he could.

After exploring a bit and looking at sewer maps in the city center, the party found a suspicious portion of sewer near the edge of town. They descended through a nearby manhole and approached the suspicious section. It turned out to be crawling with rancid beetles and rancid beetle zombies. David’s character decided that the best way to deal with them was to cast resist fire, douse himself in lamp oil, set himself on fire, and run around burning the beetles. It was an effective strategy, but the party still barely survived. By the end of the battle, everyone in the party had been afflicted with rancid beetle rot, and David’s character had fallen unconscious and could not be revived.

The party decided to search the room before leaving to recouperate, and they found Enialol hiding in a small room behind a hidden door. Enialol knocked out Aelred but did no serious damage. Az knocked Enialol prone, and he started screaming in pain, yelled “read the book!” and plunged a dagger into his heart. The party gingerly took the book that he had dropped and sat down to discuss the fact that, while two humans, a halfling, and a half-orc drew odd looks, a human, a half-orc, a halfling, an unconscious human, and a dead elf walking around the streets of Vulyar would probably invite more trouble than the party was prepared to deal with. David’s character had a wagon, but it was too large to get through the side-streets and sewers. Eventually, Aelred patched himself up and went to the wagon to get a cask of cheap ale. Az drank a decent portion of it, and they dumped the rest over themselves and Enialol. They stuffed Enialol in the cask and drunkenly staggered through the streets to the wagon, where they stashed their pickled corpse and unconscious friend.

They spent the next day in Vulyar getting themselves healed and looking over the book, which turned out to be Enialol’s journal. The journal started off in neat handwriting talking about how excited Enialol was to be chosen as an acolyte of Heol. Heol was a minor deity who had decided to patronize the Valenar. He had chosen a few Valenar to swear a blood oath to serve him. Enialol had served him well, but when he found himself running random errands for a group of humans in an unsettled section of Valenar, he became suspicious. Eventually, he realized that there was far more to Heol’s plans than simply promoting the Valenar, although he wasn’t sure what the larger plans were. From here on out, the entries became increasingly frantic. It was clear that Heol could check in on any of his acolytes, and if they did not please him he could cause them excruciating pain with a wave of his hand. Enialol became convinced that Heol had something sinister planned, and the final entry of his journal simply said, “I do not know to whom I have sold my soul, but I can be redeemed.” over and over.

The party went to do research at the Korth library. They found no mention of Heol, but they did learn that angels who have been cast out of Syriana have been known to impersonate deities and start cults. These cults tend to end badly – mass suicides, doomed insurrections, etc. They also realized that there was a portion of Valenar and the Talenta Plains that had a tendency to spawn cults of various types. Aelred decided that, while he was at the library, he would look into theories about what caused the Day of Mourning. Amid a plethora of crackpot theories, he found one essayist who pointed out that the one thing that made Cyrie different from the other nations was the presence of a creation forge. Before they left, Az left a message about Heol at a Shining Path enclave.

They returned to the High King to receive their bounty and do more research in the King’s library. Their bounty was slightly smaller because the target was dead, but they were rewarded for the information and the journal. At the High King’s library, they learned that no Talenta or Valenar tribes spent much time in the cult-spawning area because there was no water and not much useful wildlife. The group who had uncovered the NVE had spent some time right in the middle of it, although they had refused to say why. Lady Ashinana, a half-elf Cyran noble, had reclaimed a small ancestral manor just inside the area.

Aelred knew of Lady Ashinana, but he had little respect for her. She was only interested in rebuilding her own fortune, not in Cyrie. Her ancestral manor was expensive to maintain, since water had to be brought in from elsewhere. Looking into her ancestry revealed that the expense of irrigation was not mentioned until about a hundred years ago. Aelred suspected a dried-up river or something similar, but there was no evidence of a river in old maps.

A few months ago, Lady Ashinana had thrown a party. She and her guests had been drugged and taken away to be sacrificed, but most of them didn’t remember much, and they didn’t speak of it after that.

Session #33

Sar, 28 Dravago 998
The party tracked Ravathyra to the sewers, where she was set up in a maze of traps. When they got through to her, she announced that one of the party was on her payroll and she would take him down with her if she was defeated. Krulian immediately turned on the party. Ravathyra was defeated and taken prisoner, but Krulian escaped. Ravathyra’s study had enough evidence to take down the New Valenar Empire.

Session #32

Zor, 26 Dravago 998
The party successfully convinced House Cannith that Vav was working for House Medani, and he was released. On their way back to their respective inns, Elorin stopped by the message post and received a note from Dude d’Cannith. It basically said that he was sending it to all of Alicia’s friends, he’d discovered something, and they should meet him behind the Adventurer’s Bane.

Far, 27 Dravago 998
The party met Dude behind the Adventurer’s Bane. He told them that Cannith crafters had discovered unidentified magical foci in the crafting areas in the days after he had seduced an elf named Ravathyra. As he was talking, an arrow shot out of a nearby building and killed Dude. The party searched the building, but was unable to catch the shooter. Elorin turned into a wolf and traced the shooter’s scent to the sewers.

Session #31

Graven and Zareth enter.

Wir, 25 Dravago 998
Vav went to the Adventurer’s Bane wearing Alicia’s face. He allowed Dude d’Cannith to seduce him. When Dude was asleep, Vav snooped in the halls of House Cannith. He triggered a trap and was captured.

Zor, 26 Dravago 998
When Vav didn’t show up, the rest of the party realized that he must be trapped in the Cannith dungeon. They decided to convince House Cannith that Vav had been working for House Medani to test their security system.


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